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Although the exceptional growth rates of the past few years are expected to lessen slightly, the increase in tourism-related GDP in Spain continues to outpace the country's economic growth overall and the sector is still helping to create employment, to the extent that one out of every five new jobs in the past four years has been related to tourism.

The tourism industry is now faced with the challenge of consolidating its leading position and competitiveness, at the same time as tackling the emergence of other business and consumption models brought about by the new technologies employed in the sharing economy. Nonetheless, tourism can also take huge advantage of these technologies: a study of big data and the behavioural trends in digital environments, such as the analyses offered by Google, can provide extremely valuable information in predicting future demand patterns, making such tools essential to strategic decision-making.

These issues provide the focus for the first edition of the new CaixaBank Research Sector Report, a publication whose aim is to reach companies, public organisations and consortia specialising in tourism by examining the sector's current situation and outlook.