Index for Business Internationalisation

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  • The CIBI 2019 is an index that ranks foreign countries according to their internationalisation potential from the perspective of Spanish companies. The index is developed by analysing the main aspects that determine the decision made by these Spanish companies to expand internationally into a specific country.
  • The CIBI brings together the key aspects that determine the decision to expand internationally into five pillars, which help assess the strengths and weaknesses of each country. The five pillars are: (i) the degree of accessibility to the market of each country, (ii) the ease of operating in each market, (iii) the commercial attractiveness, (iv) the financial and innovative environment and (v) the institutional and macroeconomic stability.
  • According to the CIBI 2019, Western European countries constitute an area with more favourable conditions for the internationalisation of Spanish companies. However, other countries outside of this area also rank highly, such as the US (in third position), Poland or China.

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