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We have updated the issue focusing on Tourism for the latest CaixaBank Research Sector Report, a publication whose aim is to reach companies, public organisations and consortiums related to tourism through an analysis of the industry’s current situation and outlook.

In 2019, the positive trend will continue in the tourism industry although the past few years’ exceptional growth rates are expected to diminish, in line with the slowdown observed in 2018. The big challenge facing the industry will be to consolidate its excellent performance in recent years regarding inbound tourism while shifting its focus onto higher value added segments.

Spain’s tourism industry is not only faced with the challenge of consolidating its leadership but must also tackle the emergence of other models of business and consumption brought about by the new technologies of the sharing economy. New technologies which, on the other hand, should be fully maximised: the analysis of big data and behavioural trends in digital environments has become a vital asset in strategic decision-making.