The second report on Spain's tourism industry by CaixaBank Research has now been published, updating our forecasts for 2019 and with a totally revamped design. Here are the key messages from the report:

1. Outlook for the Spanish tourism sector: Spain's tourism industry is entering a phase of consolidation: growth in inbound tourism is slowing down but tourist expenditure is still rising at a good rate. The sector is also continuing its shift towards a higher quality service and supporting job creation.

2. Domestic tourism: there's no place like home: We examine domestic tourism in Spain, which accounts for almost one quarter of all tourist expenditure, is less sensitive to employment trends and also less seasonal.

3. International tourism in Spain: from quantity to quality?: Spain is moving towards higher quality tourism which is less seasonal and creates jobs with lower temporary and part-time rates.

4. How is Brexit affecting tourism in Spain? We examine four possible scenarios to estimate the future impact of Brexit on Spain's inbound tourism from the UK.