What is CaixaBank Research?

Led by Enric Fernández, the mission of CaixaBank Research is to create and spread knowledge within and outside the organisation by means of economic research and analysis, adding value to the decision-making process of CaixaBank, supporting its management and business units and contributing to public debate and economic awareness in society.

Through its publications, CaixaBank Research stimulates debate and the sharing of experiences among all sectors of society and raises awareness of the important social and economic issues of our time, placing them within reach of the largest possible number of people and firms but without ever sacrificing scientific and methodological precision.

Areas of study

CaixaBank Research is divided into two departments:

  • The Bank Strategy Unit analyses the regulatory and competitive environment in which CaixaBank carries out its banking business and in which other investee companies of CaixaBank operate. This department also supports senior management in the design, coordination and monitoring of the CaixaBank Group's Strategic Plan.

  • The Research Department monitors the economic situation in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world by studying structural trends in depth and analysing both specific and systemic risks; it provides macroeconomic and financial forecasts over different timescales and analyses individual countries (developed and emerging) as well as more extensive aspects, paying particular attention to Spain and its role within the framework of the euro area. Furthermore, it uses Big Data supplied by the corporate database to gain more in-depth, sector-specific knowledge regarding the economy. On the other hand, it analyses the trends and prospects of the main international financial markets; it identifies their determining factors, in particular those related to the macroeconomic environment and banking business; and it provides projections for a wide range of financial variables and examines the risks to these, especially in terms of financial stability.


The economic and financial analyses of CaixaBank Research are regularly issued in the form of different publications and articles, the following being the most significant:

  • Pulso Económico: weekly report analysing and interpreting the most relevant economic indicators published over the previous seven days (in Spanish).

  • Monthly Report: analysis of the economic outlook for Spain, Portugal, Europe and at the international level, as well as of the trends in the financial markets, with specialised articles on topical subjects.

  • Documentos de Economía: series of specific articles providing an in-depth, thorough analysis of specific aspects of the economy and the financial sector, with the aim of contributing to debate in society (in Spanish).

  • Sector Report: regular update on the major business sectors in Spain, based on the analysis of the main economic indicators and big data.

  • CaixaBank Index for Business Internationalisation (CIBI): analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of 67 countries, for the purposes of determining their appeal to Spanish companies seeking to expand internationally.

  • Economic Papers: specific articles developing relevant aspects of the world economy from the perspective of economic research to stimulate discussion and promote the exchange of experiences among different economic agents.

  • Working Papers: collection containing the scientific research currently being carried out by economists at CaixaBank Research. These are studies of a preliminary nature whose aim is to promote discussion within academic and professional circles.

  • Comunidades Autónomas: strategic diagnosis that aims to help improve our knowledge of Spain's complex economic and regional situation (in Spanish).

"la Caixa" Chair in Economics and Society

CaixaBank Research has also encouraged the creation of the "la Caixa" Chair in Economics and Society to promote academic initiatives in the form of master classes and talks that stimulate reflection and debate of the key economic and social challenges facing today's society.