About us

Conoce CaixaBank Research
What we do

CaixaBank Research's mission is to create and spread knowledge within and outside the organisation by means of economic research and analysis, adding value to the decision-making process of CaixaBank, supporting its management and business units and contributing to public debate and economic awareness in society. 

Through its publications, CaixaBank Research stimulates debate and the sharing of experiences among all sectors of society and helps to raise awareness of the important social and economic issues of our time, placing them within reach of the largest possible number of people and firms.

Who we are: our team

Led by Enric Fernández, CaixaBank's Chief Economist, CaixaBank Research is organised into two big departments :

  • Banking Strategy
    • Analyses the regulatory and competitive environment for CaixaBank's banking business and also for the activities carried out by other companies in which CaixaBank has an interest.
    • Supports senior management in designing, coordinating and monitoring the CaixaBank Group's Strategic Plan. 
  • Research 
    • Tracks the economic situation in Spain, Portugal and internationally by means of in-depth analysis of the structural trends and specific and systemic risks.
    • Provides macroeconomic and financial forecasts for different timeframes and analyses both individual countries (developed and emerging) and also aspects across different countries, paying particular attention to Spain and its role within the euro area economy. 
    • Enhances the sector's knowledge regarding Spain's economy by using big data provided by the corporate database.
    • Analyses the trends and outlook of the major international financial markets; identifies determining factors, particularly those related to the macroeconomic environment and banking; produces forecasts on a wide range of financial variables and examines risks, particularly to financial stability.