Collection containing the scientific research currently being carried out by economists at CaixaBank Research. These are studies of a preliminary nature whose aim is to promote discussion within academic and professional circles. Available in Spanish, Catalan or English. 

Crecimiento versus progreso

Jordi Gual / 05 April 2011

The impact for Spain of the new banking regulations proposed by the Basel Committee

/ 03 May 2010

The Drivers of Housing Cycles in Spain

Oriol Aspachs, Pau Rabanal / 15 May 2009

What Matters for Education? Evidence for Catalonia

Alícia Adserà, Maria Gutiérrez-Domènech / 03 February 2009

Cointegrated TFP Processes and International Business Cycles

Juan Francisco Rubio-Ramírez, Pau Rabanal, Vicente Tuesta / 20 July 2008

The Effects of Housing Prices and Monetary Policy in a Currency Union

Oriol Aspachs, Pau Rabanal / 10 June 2008

Offshoring and wage inequality in the UK, 1992-2004

Clàudia Canals / 10 February 2008

Broadband Regulation: An Empirical Assessment

Jordi Gual / 15 November 2007

European Telecoms Regulation: Past Performance and Prospects

Jordi Gual / 10 November 2007

Non Tradable Goods and The Real Exchange Rate

Pau Rabanal, Vicente Tuesta / 10 July 2007

Trade Patterns, Trade Balances and Idiosyncratic Shocks

Clàudia Canals, D.E. Weinstein, J. Vilarrubia, X. Gabaix / 10 June 2007

Parental Employment and Time with Children in Spain

Maria Gutiérrez-Domènech / 10 February 2007