Collection containing the scientific research currently being carried out by economists at CaixaBank Research. These are studies of a preliminary nature whose aim is to promote discussion within academic and professional circles. Available in Spanish, Catalan or English. 

The Determinants of Cross-Border Investment: A Value-Chain Analysis

Marta Noguer, Clàudia Canals / 09 December 2006

The Employment of Older Workers

Maria Gutiérrez-Domènech / 08 December 2006

Outsourcing and your Collar's Color

Clàudia Canals / 07 December 2006

Government Spending and Consumption-Hours Preferences

Pau Rabanal / 07 December 2006

Inflation Differentials in a Currency Union: A DSGE Perspective

Pau Rabanal / 06 December 2006

What Explains the Widening Wage Gap? Outsourcing vs. Technology

Clàudia Canals / 05 December 2006