Together we make CaixaBank Research

We are a young, dynamic group of economists who are passionate about research and enjoy working in a team in a flexible environment. We create knowledge both inside and outside the organisation, adding value to CaixaBank's decision-making as well as contributing to public debate and raising awareness of the economy in society.

CaixaBank Research in figures
45% women

At CaixaBank Research we believe in equality between people and equal opportunities for everyone.

Average age 25-35

We are a very young team: 55% are aged between 25 and 35. While the rest of us are still young in spirit :-)

50% PhDs

Half our economists have a doctorate, both from Spanish and international universities.

75% international experience

At the LSE, OECD, Toulouse School of Economics, MIT, Columbia University, Boston and Chicago Fed...

65% do sport

We have runners, yoga enthusiasts, cyclists, cross-fitters, swimmers... Whereas those who aren't sporty share, with the rest of the team, a weakness for chocolate and for celebrating birthdays with all kinds of treats.

100% committed

We regularly take part in "la Caixa" Foundation's different volunteer and social action programmes.

CaixaBank Research is the sweet point between academia and the world of business. We help to spread knowledge by developing theory and making it accessible for everyone. We're a young team, mostly with doctorates, and we speak the same language, which is incredibly inspiring. We have a lot of freedom regarding what we research and how we tackle different questions.

Adrià Morron Salmeron
Lead economist
Adrià Morron Salmeron

I never imagined I would learn so many different things when I joined 12 years ago. I really appreciate the constant learning and teamwork with very generous colleagues who are passionate about economics.

Clàudia Canals
Clàudia Canals, CaixaBank Research

You grow as an economist at CaixaBank Research. There are very few places where you can thoroughly track the economy in all its dimensions in real time. Spotting the trends and where we're headed... Here you're a 360º economist.

Oriol Aspachs
Spanish Economy Director
Oriol Aspachs
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