Together we make CaixaBank Research

Our Research Assistants form an integral part of the team: at CaixaBank Research you can put what you've learned into practice, gain work experience and start to develop professionally.

Research asistants
Some data on our Research Assistants
47% women

At CaixaBank Research we believe in equality between people and equal opportunities for everyone.

40% PhDs or work experience abroad

Of all the Research Assistants who have gone through CaixaBank Research, almost half have decided to continue studying for a doctorate or have found work abroad.

100% teamwork

Our Research Assistants form part of the team right from the start, with access to all the databases and econometric tools and being fully involved in the Area's business along with the rest of the economists.

My experience as a Research Assistant in the field of the Spanish economy at CaixaBank Research was unbeatable. The excellent team of researchers, dynamic environment and personal quality of my colleagues are just some of the factors that have helped me to learn and grow as an economist. Being part of such an inspiring team helped me to decide that I wanted to continue my education in economic research and that's why I'm currently studying for a Master's degree at Cambridge University.

Mar Domènech
Studying a Masters in Economic Research University of Cambridge
Maria del Mar Domenech Palacios

My time at CaixaBank Research was the best possible way to apply all the knowledge I'd learned in my Master to the world of work. Thanks to a perfect balance between theory and practice, my experience as a Research Assistant allowed me to develop a series of tools and expertise that have formed the basis from which I am now building my professional life. The dynamic and participatory working environment also gave me the chance to take responsibility and gain confidence in myself.

Jorge Meliveo
Analyst in the Diversification Department of Mutua Madrileña, Madrid
Jorge Meliveo

Being a Research Assistant at CaixaBank Research helped me to develop my career by putting into practice the theoretical concepts I had acquired as a student. The best part of my experience was the people I worked with, always stimulating and willing to help.

Marta Guasch
Research Assistant in the Macroeconomics and Growth Department of the World Bank, Washington
Marta Guasch Rusiñol

During my time at CaixaBank I was continually encouraged to play an active part in the monthly meetings, where the people were always interested in hearing my opinion regarding political and economic events that were affecting our macroeconomic forecasts. My supervisors also encouraged me to propose ideas and to concentrate on my own research. Lastly, the department's great economists were instrumental in my decision to study a Doctorate in the United States and they helped me throughout the application process.

Nadim Elayan
PhD student at the University of Michigan
Nadim Elayan