• Central banks are facing the challenge of removing the extraordinary measures imposed during the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the subsequent economic recession. In normal times, the Fed and the ECB would simply raise interest rates up to the desired level. However, monetary policy is currently in a rather unconventional cycle.

  • Judit Montoriol analyses how Spain’s external sector best reflects the deep transformation of Spanish economy in recent years: exports contribution to GDP has increased by nearly 10 points in just a decade, Spain’s trade balance is currently positive for the fifth consecutive year and tourism continues to enjoy an excellent health.

  • El crecimiento de la productividad se ha desacelerado de manera considerable a nivel global, a pesar de los espectaculares avances tecnológicos que estamos viviendo en la actualidad. Lo explicamos en el resumen de la presentación en rueda de prensa del dossier “Cambio tecnológico y productividad” del IM02/2018.